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amit aggarwal <aggarwal.amit444@...>

Hi Laura,
can you see your picture located in documents?
if so, you can use these steps instead of brows button found under facebook.
1. navigate to your picture you'd like to post.
2. hold down shift and press application key.
3. use down arrow until you find copy as path.
4. hit enter and close documents window.
5. go to Facebook and click on brows button.
6. now in filename edit combo, paste the path you copyed using ctrl-v.
hope that helps.

On 1/1/16, Louise Johnson <herclouise@...> wrote:
Hi yes this answer would be a help as I would like to take pictures and post
them also. I use Jaws 16 windows 8.1 and I use the moble Facebook sight. I
can figure out some ideas but nothing works Louise and princess Kiara

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From: Laura Richardson [mailto:laurakr65@...]
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Subject: Re: Posting photos to Facebook

Hi Amit,

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. I was sent a picture as an
attachment. I saved the attachment (when I save attachments it
automatically saves it to my documents). When I’m on Facebook trying to
post this picture I can’t figure out how to find it to post. I click on
browse but haven’t been able to figure out how to get to that picture to
post it. Do I need to move the picture from documents to somewhere else in
order to post it to Facebook?


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Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2015 12:02 AM
Subject: Re: Posting photos to Facebook

Hi Laura,
login to your account, edit what you want to post, and use add photos
hope that helps,

On 12/30/15, Laura Richardson <laurakr65@...> wrote:

I use Facebook from my laptop via the mobile site ( as
it is much easier to navigate than the regular FB site. I have
Windows 7 and Jaws 15.

Is it possible to post pictures on Facebook through the mobile site?
If not, how do you post pictures from the computer to Facebook? Any
help would be greatly appreciated.


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