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Frank Ventura

Jumping in here a little late but the answer is probably no. You will
have to find out what kind of license your district has but I suspect it
is an individual or site license. If it is an individual license it is
intended to be used by only one person. However that one person can
install it on more than one computer assuming they only use one computer
at a time. For example if you have an individual license and have a
laptop and a desktop you can install it on both computers but only use
it on one at a time and never by another person. A site license, on the
other hand, is a license based on computers. For example you can have a
20 computer site license which will allow you to install JFW on 20
different computers that are located at the same location, owned by the
same organization. The actual number of different people who use those
20 machines is not relevant. The use of laptop computers confuses site
licensing a bit since site licensing, as the name implies, only usually
applies to a physical location and may require the laptop to remain on
premise unless a specific allocation is made in the license for off site
use. When it comes to JFW there are at least two other types of
licenses, network and dongle. However by your description neither is
To be perfectly honest some of the worst violators of license terms are
quite often schools and not for profit organizations. Often they will
buy an individual license and think because it comes with several
installs they can install if for several different people. I don't have
much sympathy for any claimed ignorance here. If a TVI has enough brains
to get a whole alphabet soup full of letters after their name then they
can understand that an individual license isn't for five or even ten

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School district. My employers, sorry for not clarifying...

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Not sure what you mean by "district". However in general, no you do not
need to remove any prior versions, and in fact since this is still beta,
I would keep older versions active so you can shut down 13 and load an
earlier version if things go wrong.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630.
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I hesitated to post this question because some people here turn
questions into a drama fest but here goes.

I use my personal laptop here at work, the district always upgrades to
the latest versions of softwares etc when it is time. Jaws 13 is coming
out soon, so is it possible to install a district copy of jaws onto my
personal laptop? Will I have to remove the jaws versions I have before
doing so? This is assuming I can though. I ask that part because of the
licencing aspect. I hope to blue skies that made sense.

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