Amazon saga

Sandra Streeter

Well, continuing saga—I had another long, trial-and-error conversation with Support, in which I still ran into repeated issues—even when we had changed my password back to the original (I had just had it changed a couple days ago, which didn’t bear fruit for a solution), BTW, the guy said he had gotten calls all day re this issue, so that made me feel better—strength in #s? so the guy said he would somehow change things so I wouldn’t have the captia, and it would take a couple hours—which I didn’t mind, because I had to do some shopping (LIVE shopping, I mean) anyway. At this point, I’m ready to give it a rest and wait ‘til tomorrow to try again, because of the frustration level I reached earlier—probably will have some culinary therapy tomorrow AM to prep for a New Year’s Eve party, and then I might be ready to re-engage! This is one situation in which I wish I were Vulcan and didn’t have the emotional baggage that can come if this kind of situation lasts several days!! Alas—Asperger’s traits aside—I am sometimes closer-tied to the Empath! Thanks for listening, and I and others will keep everyone posted on goings-on at Amazon.


“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
(Les Miserables--the musical)
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