Re: Are there any NVDA (or WindowEyes) and JAWS "dual users" or people who've used both here?


Thanks for the continuing input, I appreciate it more than I can say.

Note to Maria:  I have not as yet even touched JAWS 17.  I've got two clients who are having some major problems with JAWS 15 and I'm slated to update both to JAWS 17 in the near future.  The one client is licensed to go up through the not-yet-in-existence JAWS 18, but JAWS 17 has been hateful about installing so I need to involve Freedom Scientific technical support on the next try.  I've typically not had this sort of crankiness with installation in the past.

Also, since this is the group that can answer this question best, do you all feel that it is a worthwhile exercise for me to teach my clients how to submit a trouble report via the Freedom Scientific website, or should I just encourage them to use e-mail and teach them "the essentials" about what must be included in a technical support request message?  Over time I have come to feel quite strongly that it is an essential skill to be able to interact with FS tech support completely independently since the end user is always going to encounter issues I never will when I'm training them and these aren't, in most cases, in the "optional to resolve" category.  What say you all?


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