Re: a new member

Melissa Stott <mstott69@...>

Welcome to our group. I'm sure you will learn quite a lot

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On Dec 30, 2015, at 6:38 PM, karim sidi <karimsidi4@...> wrote:

hi I am very happy for you joining in the list you will be a gret new
prason in list thank you

karim thank you argen for bing whit as

On 12/30/15, Elise Berkley <bravaegf@...> wrote:
Hello, Amit. Welcome to the list. I am also a new member, but I have been

helped in so many areas already. The people are friendly, and very helpful.

I love it because they will not give up helping until you get the help you
need. Again, welcome and hope to talk again.
Elise Berkley, Long Beach, California

Karim Sidi

mobile no.0724678181

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