Re: inquiry into the use of aim with jaws

Brad Martin

You might want to wait on Thunderbird. I know I've done it before, but I don't know if Facebook has made a change or what. Thunderbird won't connect to Facebook for me. This is not a JAWS issue, but I will keep working on it, and if I get it figured out, I'll make the recommendation again. It works fine with JAWS if you can get it to connect.


On 12/29/2015 8:03 PM, Brad Martin wrote:
I remember installing a version of AIM that didn't work at all with JAWS, and then figuring out I had to install the 7.2 you mentioned. However, now if I'm going to Facebook chat, I use the Thunderbird Email client from Mozilla. It also supports chat, including Facebook chat, and last time I tried it, it worked fine with JAWS 15.


On 12/29/2015 4:18 AM, Eric Ngondi wrote:
Dear jfw friends,
I trust you are all well and want to wish you a merry Christmas and a
fruitful  season.
I  am also  inquiring if anyone can inform me of how to  download and
install the compatible  version of AIM  chat software developed  for
instant messenging   by AOL, American on line.
I  for a long time used the aim chat software  that intergrates  with
facebook to chat with my facebook  friends.
The version  of AIM  that worked so well with JAWS  was the 7.2.
However the version is no longer available and since the beginning of
this year, I have been unable to interact with my face bbook friends
as before since I cannot find a   compatible version of the aim
Anyone who has found a solution to this? I will  greatly  appreciate
your assistance in this matter.

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