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Hi, Brian,

i  realize    you  probably did not get my message.


I  have  advocated some per Adobe.

In  2011, I  spokewith their  compliance department and

Helped convince them that  ifthe

Kindle was ace(for 6 months) that  Adobe would not want to

Not be accessible also.  I am sure others did the same.

In  Oct  of 2011,

F S finally made  JAWS work better with Adobe.


Thanksfor  your info on  JAWS 15 and Word 10.

How is JAWS 16 and Office 10?


The  local agency servicing Bllind people and the  Cils and  Easter Seals do not offer  real help  but a mere rare basic help—that most   people

Can’t get and   somehow learn for themselves.


Hence I need to  pay somebody.

I  have   worked with a  sighted grad student,  but he

Got confused easily and could not explain anything.

I  have no  problem  knowing where iam,but

I need tofinda person who  hassome familiarity with  JAWS enough

To  put oneself andme on the same page to

Trytofigure out

The Facebook History Channel patge.


I  have had fun with sighted help dealing with Amazon (see below)


I  have a real beliefthat  anything

Dealing with work should be  accessible with JAWS.


And   Facebook  is  vital at work.


I aam  enclosing my  notes  on Facebook  (see below).

They begin with the  settings  to  make

Facebook pages accessible.

But the settings do not work with


My  problems are with the  History Channel page and program-related threads.








Facebook with JAWS and MAGic, Lesson 1 (June 2015)

EXERCISE: If you are participating in the live webinar, please open this page outside of the training room and follow along with the

The setting is not enabled b will need to be turned on in either Internet Explorer or Firefox before it can be used. Perform the following steps in either browser to activate it.

1.    Press INSERT+V to activate the JAWS QuickSettings dialog box.

2.    In the search box, begin typing the word "reserve" (without the quotes). You may only need to type the first few letters.

3.    Press the DOWN ARROW to move to the Allow Web Application Reserve Keystrokes setting and press the SPACEBAR to check it.

4.    Tab to and activate the Ok button and the setting will take effect.

The following is a list of Facebook shortcut keys that can easily be used once the setting in JAWS is enabled.

·         Press J to move to the next item in the news feed.

·         Press K to move to the previous item in the news feed.

·         Press L to "like" or "unlike" a post.

·         Press C to comment on a post.

·         Press P to move to the edit box to create a post.

·         Press S to share a post.

·         Press ENTER to open a menu of options related to the current news feed item.

·         Press QUESTION MARK (?) to display a list of these, and other Facebook keyboard shortcuts.

Facebook menus

Many of the Facebook navigation menus are identified as "button menus" by JAWS. For example, you may hear the following when moving through the navigation menus with JAWS:

·         Requests button menu

·         Messages button menu

·         11 Notifications button menu

·         Privacy Shortcuts button menu

·         Account Settings button menu collapsed

Press ENTER when focus is on a button menu to activate it. You will hear the sound indicating that the JAWS Forms Mode turned on. If the item was simply called a "button menu" and did not have the word "collapsed" you will need to turn forms mode off before navigating through the menu items. Press NUMPAD PLUS, or if using laptop layout, press CAPSLOCK+; to turn off forms mode. You can then scroll down with the arrow keys to read the various menu items. Press ESCAPE to close the menu.

If the button menu has the word "collapsed" in it, such as "Account Settings button menu collapsed," once you press ENTER to activate it, you do not need to turn forms mode off. The menu acts like a traditional menu and you can scroll up and down to move through the various items. Press ESCAPE to close the menu without making a selection.

Similar menus are found throughout the Facebook site, including in the news feed.

Navigation regions

The section on a web page containing navigation menus might be placed inside the navigation region. The search controls on a page might be in the search region, and the primary content on the page might be marked with the main region.

JAWS identifies the beginning and end of regions as you navigate through a web page. You can also press the letter R to jump from region to region. Pressing CTRL+INSERT+R will open a list of regions which you can explore with the arrow keys. Finally, if a page has a single "main region" pressing Q will jump straight to that main region.

Note that regions are not visual and are only seen by screen readers such as JAWS.

The Facebook mobile site

the Facebook mobile site may be easier for some to navigate as it contains less interactive content. Some of the latest additions to enhance the navigation of the mobile site are as follows.

·         Headings are used to mark each item in the news feed

·         A "Main region" is used to mark the beginning and end of the main content on each page

You can switch to the mobile site at any time by pressing ALT+D to move focus to the address bar. Type and press ENTER. Return to the main Facebook site by typing into the address bar.

Note that the Facebook shortcut keys such as J and K are not available on the mobile Facebook site. Pressing those particular keys will perform their normal JAWS function.

General Facebook tips

·         Much of the content on the Facebook pages may change without the entire page refreshing. Use the arrow keys to navigate and look for text that may have changed near the cursor.

·         Some dialog boxes may appear but they are embedded in the web page rather than in different windows. This is most often when you are about to do something like deleting a post and Facebook needs to confirm if you want to continue. You can use the arrow keys to find the text and buttons in the message.

·         When working with a button menu, you generally have to activate it first by pressing ENTER on it. Then turn off Forms mode in JAWS before scrolling down to find the menu items.

·         It may be easier to respond to posts, comments, and messages by replying to the e-mails that Facebook sends.

·         If browsing the news feed by headings in JAWS, use the hot key H rather than activating the list of headings. Only a few headings in the news feed will be displayed if you activate the list of headings. Pressing H or using the Facebook hot keys will allow you to find all the items.

Prior page


Endof my  notes on Facebook.


Hopethey help!


There   are people who can do techsupport, but they  do not use FaceBook.


And every one does so I  need to knowthis FaceBook  program.


I  hope Iam not  being

Pushy,  but I  insert my contact information here.


Pat  Tussing


317 925 3317



Another situation that amazes me is that  JAWS does not support

The  Amazon music player.

What that creates is that JAWS  users learn iTunes and slowly migrate to the

Apple universe which of course, hurts Freedom Scientific.

I wantas many people to use  JAWS as  possible so the product remains strong.






Please  consider trying out an option to assist.


Also  please stay in touch as

I   absolutelyappreciate those who will advocate for

JAWS users.


Most sincerely,




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