Re: JAWS 16 question and comment



         I'm a bit confused regarding several issues in your query but will try to help as best I can

         If you have a legitimate and legally licensed JAWS 16 installation on your system it should keep applying any and all successive "dot level" updates within the JAWS 16 release itself or, I guess I should say, telling you they're available and asking you to allow them to be applied.  That being said, I have seen instances where one of these "dot level" updates would not apply and that stops the progression cold afterward.  If you are in that situation I'd suggest you go to the Previous Versions of JAWS for Windows download page, download the version of JAWS 16 for your computer's architecture (32 versus 64-bit), and try an "install over" install first.  If it won't let you install over the existing JAWS then you would need to uninstall the existing copy and reinstall using the downloaded file.  If you're already licensed this is generally picked up by the installer on its own.  I've had to do this before under JAWS 15.

          I have no idea why you think that you cannot use Adobe Reader under Windows 10, because it definitely exists and functions under Windows 10.  There may be a JAWS 17 issue related to Windows 10 and/or Adobe Reader of which I'm unaware and, if that's so, I'd really appreciate having the details.  I've got a client who's currently on JAWS 15 that I will soon be updating to JAWS 17 (all on a Windows 7 machine) that relies heavily on PDF files and must access them on a constant basis.  If JAWS 17 and Adobe Reader are not playing well with each other that would not be a good thing.


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