Re: JAWS 16 question and comment

Shan Noyes

That is correct

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On Dec 29, 2015, at 9:57 AM, ptusing <ptusing@...> wrote:

Hi, all,

I  have been told  that one can find the latest link for

JAWS 16 and install it right   on top of

Either of the 2 previous JAWS 16 versions.

(I  installed the first JAWS 16).

So one can install  onto the old  without removing the existing J 16



Thanks in advance.


My comment isthat thank heavens Iam not using Windows 10.  I purchased  a new sma  only tofind that

F  S brought out a new JAWS version (17)  when  JAWS 16  definitely hampers the use of

JAWS and  Adobe.

At  least I canstill use earlier versions of JAWS to use Adobe. In 
Windows 10, I would be at the mercy of  mandatory

Microsoft updates without ability to use Adobe.

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