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Pat Byrne

It's aall just bogus. Can't we let it die?
Pat ByrneAt 08:55 AM 12/29/2015, you wrote:

I'm confused! Is Maheen impersonating Marvin? Is Marvin impersonating Maheen? What's going on here?

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He should be locked up in a very high security mental health unit chris he's a menace to society

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On 29 Dec 2015, at 11:49, Christopher Bartlett <<mailto:themusicalbrewer@...>themusicalbrewer@...> wrote:

This behavior has surfaced before with Maheen. I've sort of been waiting for another occurrence since Maheen reappeared on a couple of lists. Pay it no mind.

Chris Bartlett

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I shouldn’t participate in this but since I already wrote this much, all I can say is wow…

I’m clicking send now to go impersonate a blind person…<

Good night.

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nice to see your still alive and not actually dead.
Next time you try and impersonate an assistant attorney make sure you can't be found to be a lier by the likes of those of us that know how to use google.
secondly, why would an assistant attorney be using Maheen's GMail address? Nice try, moron.

On 12/29/2015 4:22 AM, Indika Anantharajah wrote:


My name is Indika Anantharajah. I am an assistant district attorney in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. I would like to address a very important matter that affects a blind individual by the name of Maheen Wickramasinghe. He has slipped into a coma and is at a critical care unit in a hospital here in Sri Lanka. Now... Marvin Hunkin has been causing so many problems to this person... Maheen... and we are going to proseecute him in Adelaide, Australia. He is a consistent rule breaker and a complete troublemaker. Mr. Wickramasinghe attempted suicide today and he is now comatose. We on behalf of everyone would like to extend our heartfelt get well wishes and we respect you all do the same. Marvin has created fake e-mail addresses and will be paying the price big time. He is causing lots of trash to several people.

Cordially, Indika Anantharajah, assistant attorney.

Christopher Bartlett

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