Re: CONFUSED! Adobe Reader XI seems to do OCR automatically?

Brad Martin <brad@...>

You don't have to uninstall XI to install DC. It's like upgrading any other software from older to newer versions. The upgrade is fairly seemless. I'm surprised JAWS hasn't been screaming at you to do the upgrade; it yells at me about five minutes after I turn my computer on.

One caution: With Adobe Reader XI, if you open a large document, JAWS will tell you that the document is being processed. With DC, if the document is large, you just hear "blank" when you up or down arrow. It doesn't tell you the document is doing anything, so you might be tempted to give up with DC. Wait it out though, or try pressing Control A (select all) as this sometimes helps. I just find that JAWS does not announce that the document is processing with DC the way it did with XI.


On 12/27/2015 9:18 PM, Peter Tesar wrote:

I have two computers, with Adobe Reader DC on one and XI on the other. The first computer has Windows 10 Home, upgraded from Windows 7 and the second has Windows 10 Pro with a fresh install.
I tried a test on the two using the same 4 PDF image files. These files were not scanned by my scanner.

First test using Adobe Reader XI
after getting the "alert, empty document", I instructed JAWS to start the OCR, with the 'd' document option. Nothing happened.  I repeated this test. a few times.

I can get OCR conversion to work using the "w" window option. This came up with the JAWS cursor.

If I open my scanned PDF file, the OCR is performed automatically even when the scanner is disconnected.

Second test using Adobe Reader DC
On my DC computer, each of these PDF image files gave me the "alert, empty document" message. JAWS will convert the entire document to text.

XI does not seem to allow JAWS 17 to do an OCR conversion on an entire PDF image document. This is using Windows 10 Pro and JAWS 17.

Why the XI does the OCR conversion automatically on my scanned image, I will have to investigate further. Maybe the scanner has its own OCR.

The DC does allow JAWS to do the OCR on the entire document.

Maybe I will have to uninstall the XI and install the DC version of Adobe Reader.

Peter T.

On 2015-12-27 5:22 PM, Brad Martin wrote:
I'm confused also, as Adobe Reader XI alone won't do this. Perhaps newer versions of JAWS or Windows 10 did it for you. Adobe Reader XI is just an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The latter integrates with Adobe's document cloud, but if you're not using the cloud functions, the two are pretty much similar. Think of DC as more like Adobe Reader XII (12) if they hadn't changed the name, with the newer version integrating features from Adobe's document cloud.

So perhaps JAWS versions newer than 15 are helping you convert those scans. With JAWS 15 and Windows 7, neither DC or XI will do this for me automatically.


On 12/27/2015 4:15 PM, Peter Tesar wrote:


I’m confused. Before, when I opened a recently scanned PDF document, I heard:

    “Alert, empty document”.

I would then use the JAWS OCR to convert the PDF document to text.


Recently I did a clean install of Windows 10, and I needed to download Adobe Reader. I chose XI, not knowing that there was a DC version. The latter is probably what I used to use.


Now when I open the PDF image document, there is no announcement:

  “Alert, empty document”.


The image has been converted to text. Using the JAWS virtual cursor, I can read what can only have been converted with OCR.


Did Adobe Reader XI do the OCR conversion automatically?

What is the difference between adobe XI and DC?

Is there a difference between Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader?

Maybe there is more than one Adobe Reader, and I don’t know which is which.

Any clarification will be appreciated. Thanks.


Peter T.

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