how to start jaws without speech

Ryan Coverdell

On 12/27/15, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Hello All,

Based upon some private e-mail I've received recently it appears
that some of my responses on prior threads are "hard to follow" because they
don't contain all the quoted material that would normally be contained were
one interacting with the group through e-mail.

I've been using the web interface for the JAWS for Windows Support
List via the site, here, and not via e-mail. When you reply via
the online forum it does not automatically quote the message you're
responding to nor any prior responses to it.

While I intend to continue to use the web interface for my own
convenience, I'm wondering if I should include a short quotation of the
question or response to a question I'm responding to at the top of my posts
to make it easier to follow exactly who and what I'm responding to?

I'd like to make these offerings as coherent as possible and as
easy-to-follow as possible, so any suggestions will be welcome.

I would like assistance with reading .brf files with jaws, but maybe
more people would know the answer to this question.

At work I use jaws with a focus 40: a regular focus, not the focus
blue. sometimes Jaws freezes when I am taking calls as a customer
service rep. And when this happens and I have to restart, the customer
hears Jaws say "jaws for windows is ready" and anything else it says
until I turn off speech and go to braille alone.

How do I set Jaws to not speak when I turn it on via the alt control j
shortcut? By default I want Jaws to run without speech. How do I do
that? It was fairly simple in the early versions like Jaws five, six,
etc. Now I use jaws 14 and windows 7 at work.

Much appreciated,

Ryan Coverdell

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