Re: CONFUSED! Adobe Reader XI seems to do OCR automatically?

Gudrun Brunot

Hi Brian: No, you are not mistaken: JAWS does not store OCR-generated text with Adobe XI after you close the file, the recognition has to be done again the next time you open the file. Imagine that when there's a job you've got to estimate to see if you can do the translation, and it's 250 pages... I didn't think OCR-generated text layers were stored in Adobe DC either. Am I wrong?

I had an experience with Exchange Viewer recently: I'm probably neglecting to do something important, so I'm thankful for any pointer. I was trying to open a w9 form that had items to fill in. I had a reader present, because I didn't know the keystroke to locate the OCR button. After the OCR had done its thing, there wasn't any text that I could read, neither before nor after OCR was completed. In Adobe DC, I could read the text fields, but not fill in the info. I filled out the form by turning off JAWS and tabbing to the fields with my reader telling me where I'd landed. I could read with Adobe DC after the form was filled in, but not with Exchange Viewer. What am I missing?


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I can confirm what Brad Martin has said in all regards. I have several clients using JAWS 15 with Adobe Reader XI and it does not do any OCR conversion automatically. In fact, I recently posted a thread about an alternative to Adobe Reader, Tracker Software's PDF-XChange Viewer, that does have built-in OCR that I have clients use when they want their OCR to be stored permanently with the PDF in question.

I was under the impression that JAWS OCR did not store the text layer that it creates for a given PDF for future use and that you have to redo the JAWS OCR any time you open that file again. Am I mistaken?


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