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Thank you Mike!  Have a great night!


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Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 19:27
Subject: Re: Sound Extension For Downloading In Chrome


Hi Paul,


Yes there is.  It's called, navigational_sounds-1.2.4-fx-windows

It can be gotten Here:


About this Add-on
Navigational Sounds plays the following Windows Internet Explorer sounds:
- Start Navigation
- Complete Navigation (silent by default)
- Blocked Pop-up Window
- Information Bar
- Feed Discovered (disabled by default)
- Search Provider Discovered (silent by default)
- Download Completed (all downloads by default)


The Download Completed sound can be configured to play when any active download completes or only when the last one completes.


All sounds can be turned on or off within Navigational Sounds but please remember that the sound played is set through Windows's Sound control panel applet
(note: Download Completed actually plays the "Windows Asterisk" sound).


New in 1.2.4: Custom sounds can now be configured through hidden preferences (UI coming later). To use custom sounds, open "about:config" and search for
".{d8". You should see a bunch of Boolean preferences for toggling the events plus ".custom" preferences that are empty. Simply find the ".wav" file you
want to play and set it as the preference value using Windows path formats (e.g. "C:\Media\click.wav").
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Take care.

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Subject: Re: Sound Extension For Downloading In Chrome


Good evening Mike!


  I am sorry to have to pester you with this, but do you know of a similar extension for Mozilla Firefox?  Most unfortunately, there are still some pages I have an easier time working with in Firefox, than in Chrome.


Take care,


Paul Jenkins


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Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 16:55
Subject: Fw: Sound Extension For Downloading In Chrome


Howdy Y'all,


I finally found an extension that plays a sound when a download is complete.  Info is below:




Download Notifier
offered by ehaagwlke
Category: Productivity
4,514 users
Added to Chrome




Compatible with your device
You get a desktop notification while your downloading finished.
I get the time to make the 'play a sound when download finished' feature configurable. And you also can decide whether the default download shelf should
display or not (though I prefer NOT).


Another change is, there will be more than one notification card displayed.


All things now could be configured via options page.


Here comes three new things:
1. The "Open" button now can be used
2. While one download finished, it would play a sound (not configurable for now)
3. The icon would be visible even if you are using a pure black theme


and one more thing (might be buggy):
- sometimes Chrome thought the file downloaded would be harmful, once this happened, this extension will prompt to ask for your confirmation, and this
will be done on the chrome://downloads page. And, this feature might be buggy, if
you encounter any problem, contact or email me. Thank you.




This extension does two things:


1. Disabled the download shelf. Yes, I personally do not like it. So when I get the change, I just disabled it. You will get a badge while something is
downloading. Sorry no progress bar available for now.


2. Display a desktop notification when your downloading finished, and you could find it by one simple click.


TODO(May be implemented in future, may not):


1. An animated browser action icon which could show the downloading progress


2. A "OPEN" button on the notification card -- depends on whether Google would allow me to do so. [V0.0.4 added]


3. A popup shows all the downloads -- actually it was almost there, if there had not been some annoying bugs.
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Version: 0.0.5
Updated: June 21, 2015
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Take care.

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