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Good evening Mike!


  I am sorry to have to pester you with this, but do you know of a similar extension for Mozilla Firefox?  Most unfortunately, there are still some pages I have an easier time working with in Firefox, than in Chrome.


Take care,


Paul Jenkins


From: Mike B. [mailto:mb69mach1@...]
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 16:55
Subject: Fw: Sound Extension For Downloading In Chrome


Howdy Y'all,


I finally found an extension that plays a sound when a download is complete.  Info is below:




Download Notifier
offered by ehaagwlke
Category: Productivity
4,514 users
Added to Chrome




Compatible with your device
You get a desktop notification while your downloading finished.
I get the time to make the 'play a sound when download finished' feature configurable. And you also can decide whether the default download shelf should
display or not (though I prefer NOT).


Another change is, there will be more than one notification card displayed.


All things now could be configured via options page.


Here comes three new things:
1. The "Open" button now can be used
2. While one download finished, it would play a sound (not configurable for now)
3. The icon would be visible even if you are using a pure black theme


and one more thing (might be buggy):
- sometimes Chrome thought the file downloaded would be harmful, once this happened, this extension will prompt to ask for your confirmation, and this
will be done on the chrome://downloads page. And, this feature might be buggy, if
you encounter any problem, contact or email me. Thank you.




This extension does two things:


1. Disabled the download shelf. Yes, I personally do not like it. So when I get the change, I just disabled it. You will get a badge while something is
downloading. Sorry no progress bar available for now.


2. Display a desktop notification when your downloading finished, and you could find it by one simple click.


TODO(May be implemented in future, may not):


1. An animated browser action icon which could show the downloading progress


2. A "OPEN" button on the notification card -- depends on whether Google would allow me to do so. [V0.0.4 added]


3. A popup shows all the downloads -- actually it was almost there, if there had not been some annoying bugs.
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Version: 0.0.5
Updated: June 21, 2015
Size: 1.73MiB
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Take care.

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