Re: Does anyone know whether there are jaws scripts for kendle for pc?

Ryan Coverdell

My Pac Mate is being sent in for repair. While it is gone I am using
my Braille lite m40. However, there are times when I might want to
read the contracted Braille books I've downloaded from
on my desktop pc so I can read while eating supper etc. Is there a brf
reader that allows me to read contracted Braille files using Jaws on
my desktop so I can read files from my sandisk flash card that I
already have? I know that with I can download text
versions of books, but I'd like to be able to read books I've already
downloaded and saved without changing their format first. Please
provide me with a link to such a program if it exists.



P.S. Windows 7 and jaws 14.

On 12/24/15, David Ingram <dingram269@...> wrote:
Hi list members, I'd like to know if there are jaws scripts for kindle for
pc? I've downloaded the ap but I'm having problems with getting things to
work. I can be reached at dingram269@...
<mailto:dingram269@...> . Thank you.

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