Re: Admin: Alright, e-freaking-nuff.

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Please get me off t his list!!

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The situation that brought about the second migration was beyond my control.
That said, the migration in question is going to have its issues.
Complaining about those issues on-list, and complaining about the
complainers, is not going to fix those issues any faster. Now. As I learn of
people having issues, they are being delt with. If I don't know about your
issue, I can't fix it. Therefore, rather than complain about it on-list,
send myself or Jessica an email privately and we'll have it delt with. This
is not a competition to see who can fill who's mailbox faster. It stops
here. As of now, if it doesn't come to me personally, I'm going to assume
there's no issue and it won't get looked at. End of story.

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