Re: PDF-XChange Viewer: Possible Alternative to Adobe Reader



        It's interesting how Ctrl+F and Ctrl+Shift+F work.  You are indeed correct that Ctrl+Shift+F gets you the JAWS find no matter where you are, and if you absolutely must be sure that's what you're getting that's the way to go.  But, Ctrl+F will also bring up JAWS find in many contexts where a native find command is not available in the Windows environment in question.  If memory serves, JAWS always announces "JAWS virtual find" when the JAWS find comes up, so you can tell whether your plain Ctrl+F has triggered it or not.

        Some of my clients like to minimize the triple key presses they have to do, so I teach them to try a straight Ctrl+F first and to listen for "JAWS virtual find."  Virtually all of them learn very quickly where they actually need that shift or don't in their daily activities when they want a JAWS find.


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