Has anyone else been inadvertently unsubscribed?!

Mike & Barbara In Arcadia <mb69mach1@...>

Hi All,

I had not received any email from the list for about 3 days. Sending
messages to the moderators didn't bring any results & I am just wondering if
others were having the same problems. Please, understand that I am not
trying to bash the moderators but, just trying to understand how I, &
possibly others, became unsubscribed. I have sent 2 questions to the list
during this period and received messages back stating that I was being
moderated. That's what prompted me to write to the moderators. Anyway, as
stated earlier, I am by no means trying to bash or portray any feelings of
ill will just, wanting to see if anyone else is having problems. Since
re-subscribing, it seems that things are back in order. Take care.
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