Re: PDF-XChange Viewer: Possible Alternative to Adobe Reader



          Also as an FYI, Adobe Reader DC is bringing up what looks to a sighted person to be a dialog box inside the program when Ctrl+F is hit to do a find.  Under the text box where you enter the word or phrase to be found there is a Previous key (activated by Ctrl+Shift+G) and a Next key (activated by Ctrl+G).

          I have no idea if this is an "improvement" to the DC version of reader or not.  That being said, I've had at least one client report that JAWS 15 is not playing well with Adobe Reader DC and we backed him off to Adobe Reader XI.

          I'm also finding out that Freedom Scientific often uses the, "Well, you need to upgrade to JAWS (insert current version number here) to see if that fixes it," line.  It doesn't disturb me so much that they're pushing upgrades, as those come about for a reason, but it disturbs me greatly that I hear "to see if that fixes it."  Their own trouble ticket databases should be able to be searched so that they know whether an update to the software actually addresses a problem, but I don't know if they don't check that or actually really don't know.  It frustrates me as a tutor and I cannot even begin to imagine how infuriating this can be for an actual user!


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