Re: how do you delete conversations in gmail?

Ryan Coverdell

I can't find the cog button. I am using basic html view. Under
settings here is what I find. I've copied the page. Please look at
this seriously and send back a reply based on what you see on this
page. It is below.

Thanks for your attention,


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On 12/20/15, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Based upon your post I am presuming you're using Gmail's web interface and
not in its "plain HTML" form.

When you go to Gmail Settings via the "cog" button and look at the General
tab, find "Conversation View" and you'll find two radio buttons associated
with it, one reading "Conversation view on" and the other "Conversation view

When conversation view is on all messages having the same subject, or direct
replies to same, will be grouped together. If you tick the delete box for a
true conversation it will delete all the messages related to that
conversation. Mind you, if someone sends another reply it will often revive
that conversation, but the only unread item will be the new message, and
checking the delete box will wipe it all out again. The revival seems to be
a feature, not a bug, in that it allows you to dig backward for context if
necessary. Conversations are listed in reverse chronological order within
the conversation, with the newest arrival showing first and working backward
by date & time of arrival.

If conversation view is off, each and every message is presented as an
independent item and they are listed in reverse chronological order of
receipt. I find this view maddening, as I've not used any online e-mail
interface nor e-mail client that uses this by default. However, it's been
so long since I set up my Gmail accounts that I do not recall if Gmail sets
conversation view off by default.


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