Re: Can the Windows 10 update message be turned off?


There is a problem with the recommendations in the Digital Citizen article, with the possible exception of using the "Hide Icon and Notifications" option for GWX in the system tray.

Microsoft keeps reissuing various Windows Updates that include GWX and has also added it in others.  There is virtually no easy way to keep up with which of the latest Windows Updates might contain GWX.

That is why I really recommend GWX Control Panel.  The gentleman who created and has been maintaining this piece of freeware has been quite diligent about keeping up to date on which Windows Updates need to be blocked to prevent GWX installation.  The program rids you of GWX if you already have it and prevents it from reintroducing itself (or at least it does unless they sneak it in again before he catches it, and even then my guess is it will detect its presence and remove it.)


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