Re: How to turn on Windows Defender?



           I don't know whether you mean installed (as in a clean install) or upgraded (from Windows 7 or Windows 8) but if the former I believe that WIndows Defender is enabled by default and if the latter it's enabled if you didn't have other antivirus software installed already.

           You can check whether Windows Defender is running in one of two ways.  You can open up your Update & Security settings then access the Windows Defender pane from the list on the left.  Since I haven't yet "done" JAWS on a Windows 10 machine I don't know precisely how it "plays with" the new Windows 10 settings screens.  Alternatively, you can open up good, old fashioned Control Panel (if you search for Control Panel in the search box it will pop up as the first desktop app returned in the list) and go to the WIndows Defender settings there.


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