Latest JAWS 16 Update Download Links & What's New In This Update

Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi All,
Below are the 32 & 64 bit direct download links for the latest J16.0.4468 update & what's new in this update.
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 16 October 2015 release and the December 2015 update.
To download JAWS 16, go to the
Previous JAWS Downloads page.
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• Resolved an issue reported by some customers using Outlook where JAWS would sometimes not read the currently selected message as you navigated through
a list of messages in a folder. You would hear the message status, such as "unread", but no additional info, like the message sender or the subject.
• When opening the Advanced Find dialog box in Outlook using CTRL+SHIFT+F to search for specific messages and you press F6 to move to the message list,
a customer reported issue was resolved where JAWS would sometimes stop reading the selected message if the window scrolled as you navigated through the
• When navigating a list of messages in Outlook 2016, resolved an issue where the selected message was not being read as expected using speech or Braille.
• Resolved an issue where the message list in Outlook 2010 was not being read correctly after closing a JAWS dialog box.
• Addressed an issue with the Amazon Product Search Research It lookup source not returning results as expected.
• This update contains new drivers from HumanWare for the Brailiant BI Braille display in order to support Windows 10.
• Resolved an issue with the German version of JAWS where the Alva ABT 3 series braille display drivers were not available in the Synthesizer and Braille
• Addressed a customer reported issue where buttons on certain web pages were not being read correctly by JAWS.
list end
Take care.

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