Re: Dropbox and that illusive "Selective sync"


Hi Gudrun,

I think you can stop folders from syncing by going to your dropbox folder, choosing the folder you want to stop, then going into the context menu.
I think there's an option to not sync the folder.
Also, if you need more space, install the Carousel and Mailbox apps onto your phone, link them with your Dropbox account, and get 4 GB free.
You'd need to do that before February though, since they'll discontinue both apps by then.

Good luck,
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From: Gudrun Brunot
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 8:43 PM
Subject: Dropbox and that illusive "Selective sync"

Hi guys: I was trying desperately to find a way to solve a problem: I work
with a radio station and often send in radio shows I have completed. My
radio station owner thought that it would be great to store all my shows in
the dropbox I'd been using for transfer. He called and checked if that was
okay. Only, he didn't speak to me, but to my dear Rob, who is, shall we
say, less versed in the trials and tribulations of all these interactive
programs. You guess the result--my dropbox got flooded, jammed, paralyzed.
So how do we set it so we can have things stored in Dropbox and not on our
hard drive? Selective sync. Is it available in Dropbox Basic? Yes. Does the
general instruction you find in the help center texts usable? No. I looked
on the jaws list archive and found a message from Brian Elberton where he
had tried in vain to access the selective sync function in Dropbox. I didn't
know how to do it either, but I figure it out, so here it is:

Selective sync, Gudrun's method:

1. Open system tray.
2. Find Dropbox.
3. Press enter to go to the Dropbox menu.
4. Arrow up to preferences and hit enter.
5. You will need to do a bit of exploring with the tab key, because you
land on the first control tab and hear things like Okay button, cancel
button, and, as you tab forward, things like "Start Dropbox on system
startup" checked. Note that JAWS doesn't indicate the name of the control
6. Hit control-tab once, and you're likely to hear "unlink this
dropbox", but don't do that. Tab until you hear "Selective sync," and hit
7. Now, you'll hear, as you arrow up and down, the names of your boxes,
with the word "checked" after the name, and if you hit spacebar, the
checkmark will disappear. If you have a folder with subfolders, you can
arrow right to check and uncheck these as desired. Note that if you leave
the main folder unchecked, that will probably make all the subfolders
unavailable. In a situation where you want to have some subfolders checked
and some unchecked, leave the main folder checked.
8. When you have set each folder to its desired status, tab once to
hear the words "Update enter" and hit enter.
9. You'll land on another "okay enter," and hit enter on it.
10. You'll be back on the first screen of preferences. Tab around to
"enter" and hit enter, and you should be safely out of the preferences. You
will notice files disappearing or appearing in accordance with your

Hope it helps.
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