Accessible program to play Blue Ray Format On A PC

Tim Ford

The IRTI Eclipse Media Server software may work, and you can run a full featured version for 30 days before deciding whether to pay the $29.95 cost.  Hopefully someone on this list can try it out and let us know; I do not have a blue ray drive to test it on.
Below is where to find the software.
The only accessible player I know of is from IRTI, and costs $29.95 via
download; $59.95 if you want them to ship you the install CD.  Although you
can use it just fine with JAWS running, it has its own voice, and works best
in that mode, so when you bring up the program, it is best to put JAWS to
sleep by either exiting JAWS, or better yet, putting JAWS to sleep with the
insert key space bar, then s.

Here is the link to all the info.  You will for sure want the instruction
manual, which IRTI can give you, also by download or email attachment.
I have the software, and it works just fine.  It also gives you direct
access to picking the audio described track if one exists on the DVD.

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Subject: [JAWS-Users] Program that is JAWS friendly to play movies on DVD.

Hi, I am looking for a program that is jaws friendly, and accessible, I will
play movies on DVD. I am just 16 and Windows 8. I want to be able to
navigate the menus, as some of my DVDs are TV shows, and I want to be able
to select episodes. Thank you. I am using jaws 16 and Windows 8.1.

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Lord, I hope so. I still have hope for VLC.  Power DVD is a real pain in the neck!




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Subject: Playing BlueRay Format On A PC


If you play movies in the Blue Ray format on your PC, what JAWS friendly program are you using?  I have Power DVD 9 that came with my Windows 7 computer, but I am wondering if there's something better.

Gary King

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