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Do you have the Gmail window in standard view open? Google Voice will only ring in this window. Another reason why I do the call forwarding thing  instead of receiving calls vai the PC.


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Hello Brian,

I use Google Voice all the time, but I don't use it to make or receive calls through my computer. So I tried what you're asking. I logged into GV, made sure calls were forwarded to the Email address in question under the phones tab. And then proceeded to try to call the number from a phone.

If there was a dialog asking me to answer the call, JAWS was not announcing it. I tried using Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, but I couldn't find any indication that a call was coming in.

You didn't mention if you were trying to use JAWS with Google Hangouts, or just the old-fashioned Google Voice. I have never tried HangOuts with JAWS because I don't want to use GV in this way.

As others have said, I too just have the calls routed to another number and set a ring schedule if I don't want the calls coming at certain times of the day.

For what it's worth, Google Voice with JAWS works pretty well, but some functions work better with Internet Explorer and others work better with Firefox. For instance, when selecting a new number, JAWS absolutely will not give you the continue button once you've checked a number. I have to use the JAWS cursor to even find the word Continue, and that only works in Internet Explorer.

Now I really want to get this to work, but like I said, I'm not even getting the dialog you're describing with the two buttons. I must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what it is.

Brad Martin

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        My name is Brian Vogel and one of the things I do is tutor individuals who are new to JAWS and, typically, new or new-ish to being blind or vision impaired.  I think the earliest version of JAWS I ever dealt with is 10, and I have clients who are on version 16 that I will be updating to version 17 in the near future.  Since I am sighted, I do not use JAWS myself on a day to day basis so it's not something that is "just like breathing" to me and I know that those who actually use it as their primary access method to their computers know infinitely more about the little tricks that make using JAWS an easier experience.


         One of my clients is beginning an internship and she wanted a phone number that her clients could call that was neither her home number or cell phone number.  I suggested that we set up a Google Voice number for her since she has a Google account.  Since I've done this before getting the Google Voice phone number set up as well as having her record her personal greeting, etc., went perfectly well.  I have her set up to receive e-mail regarding missed calls as well as transcriptions of her voicemail messages.  The latter messages also contain a direct link that one can click to listen to that specific voicemail message.


          The issue is actually answering an incoming call from Google Voice with JAWS (I should add right now we're using JAWS 14).  When a call comes in a pop-up is presented at the lower left corner of the screen that has what appear to be two buttons, Answer and Decline.  Those buttons, though, aren't really buttons if you listen to JAWS, but appear to be links.  In any case, when the pop-up pops up JAWS clearly recognizes its presence because it announces, "Incoming call," which is the text shown near the buttons/links in the pop-up.  However, I have been completely unable to determine a way to access those buttons/links while the call is ringing to allow her to actually choose to answer it or decline it.


           Freedom Scientific Technical Support suggested I post here, as they have no answer to this question and said they have no experience with using any version of JAWS with Google Voice.


           If anyone can offer me any suggestions as to what I might try, or knows the answer regarding how to actually answer or decline an incoming call from Google Voice, I would love to hear it.   Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Brian Vogel


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