Fw: Program that is JAWS friendly to play movies on DVD.

Tim Ford

The only fully accessible player I know of is from IRTI, and costs $29.95 via
download; $59.95 if you want them to ship you the install CD. It works on whatever DVD player you have attached to your computer or built-in. You can activate a movie's audio description track without sighted assistance.

Although you can use the software player just fine with JAWS running, it has its own voice, and works best
in that mode, so when you bring up the program, it is best to put JAWS to
sleep by either exiting JAWS, or better yet, putting JAWS to sleep with the
insert key space bar, then s.

Here is the link to all the info. You will for sure want the instruction
manual, which IRTI can give you, also by download or email attachment.

I am using it with Windows 7. As mentioned above, any JAWS version is fine, since you can use the player's built-in speech.


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