Re: How do I tag friends on my status updates on Facebook

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

You must put the @ sign in front of the name and then click on the
name from the drop down menu.
1. You can't do this on use
2. Type the status plus friends name e.g. @peter Smith.
3. Press jaws key + numpad minus to root jaws to pc.
4. Arrow down until you hear the persons name as a button.
5. Click on the button by pressing slash on the numpad, jaws will say
left click.
6. Root pc back to jaws by pressing jaws key + plus on the numpad.
Your friend should be tagged as a link then just post the status and
see if you did it correctly.

On 9/24/11, Anders Boholdt-Petersen
<> wrote:

How can I tagge my friends when I write a status update on Facebook, so my
friends name will be views as a link?

I have tried with @ before my friends name, but they will not work.

I using JAWS 11 and sometimes JAWS 12.

Thanks for the answer.


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