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Go to Press c for combo box. Press alt-down arrow to open the combo box. Tab to edit field. Type the name of book or author. Tab to go button.

After page loads, press h for heading until you hear the item you are searching for. Using the down arrow through the information. If you want this selection go back to beginning of info and click on the link.

After page loads, you can arrow down and find more info. If you want book press control-home to go back to top. Either press control-f for find and type add to cart. You can also press the letter b for button until you hear cart button.

You will see something like cart 1. Click on that and review the info.

Proceed to check out. Be careful here. Make sure that you have the right item in your cart.

There will be a list of your devices. Item will go to last place you used unless otherwise specified.

Kindle for the pc does not work as well as the Kindle for idevices. I think that the Kindle app for idevices is the best e reader out there.

Good luck.

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I just wish I knew exactly how to use it.

I don't use a portable device at all.


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There is a Kindle app for the computer with an accessibility plug-in.
But I prefer to read Kindle books on my Iphone. Either way will work, but the iOS app gives more control and a smoother reading experience.

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What can you use to read these books? How usable are the books?



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