Re: Video player

Kevin Wollenweber <dancingweed@...>

Someone please explain to me what the “touch cursor” is, because I have a disk copying program that used to work quite well before I got JAWS 17.  It still occasionally works as long as I exit out of JAWS 17 and go back to JAWS 15, but it now has a nagging JAWS problem, at least I think it is JAWS that is malfunctioning here, because, when the program comes on, all I hear is the words JAWS CURSOR, JAWS CURSOR, JAWS CURSOR, JAWS CURSOR, JAWS CURSOR…being repeated like that until my mind is ready to snap!  What *IS* the JAWS cursor, and is there actually a way to stop it from being an obstruction to my using my disk copying program?


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  Even if you want to contact me off-list, I’d appreciate it.



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