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You can import your favorites, and they'll be in your Firefox bookmarks. I think the import command is in the file menu. However, I would suggest instead to get the firefox add-on called plain old favorites. This actually puts your favorites menu on your firefox menu bar. Then whenever you want to save a page, save it in your favorites so it will be available in either browser. I'm using Jaws 11 and have no problems with firefox 6. It may be that you're out of the page elements. Maybe you're on the address bar or the search bar etc. Tab a few times until you hear some actual page links. Then try insert F7.

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Dear Friends,

I have just installed Firefox 6 and I am using JAWS 11. I have 2 questions:

Can I import internet explorers favourites? and How do I use JAWS keystrokes? presently, I am getting message "This feature is available within a virtual document within internet" when I press Ins + f7 to use link list on a website. Please help.

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