Re: Very Strange Issue With Old Windows XP Computer

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hmmm, sounds like you may have lost the power from the motherboard battery. its a 2032 battery and if it dies, youloose all of the cmos settings like the time for example. you may need to replace the battery and then set the cmos time and that may fix the problem. unless it cannot recover all of the other settings to tell what is exactly installed on your system. i would for sure purchase a new cmos battery and try that first.

Legend has it that on Saturday 12/12/2015 09:55 AM, Tom Behler said:
Hello, everyone.

I have an old Windows XP computer that I use for logging as a ham radio operator, and I have just experienced a very strange problem with this computer.

The computer worked fine last night, but this morning, when I turn on the computer, I can’t get to any of the programs on the machine.

If I turn on the computer, I can hear the hard drive start to engage, but after waiting for a few seconds, nothing happens, other than a double beep which I’m sure indicates something. … Jaws will not come up, so I can’t read the screen. And, I don’t have any sighted assistance here to look at the screen.

Has anyone experienced this sort of thing before, and if so, can you tell me what might of happened? Most important, how do you get the computer back into normal operation?

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan


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