how do I message a person (not a group) on facebook using my desktop computer/

Ryan Coverdell

On 12/11/15, John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@...> wrote:
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John Martyn

The facebook layout in my Pac Mate Omni is easwy to follow, with
simple basic links. my Pac mate is out for repair now though. From my
desktop pc which I am on now I would like to message my brother on
Facebook, but when I go to his name on my desktop pc web interface I
can't find the message link or a history of stuff I've written him
before my Pac mate was sent back. If you have overcome this issue
please let me know what you do. I want to contact him individually in
a chat, not as part of a group. How do I do this from a desktop pc? Is
there a way to access a basic html version of facebook? And while I'm
at it what about a basic html version of Hotmail? I can't use the
current web interface because it relies on screen taps. I'm using
windows 7 and jaws 14.

merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Ryan Coverdell

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