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don wardlow <wardlows97@...>

My JAWS 12 works with FireFox 6, no significant problems yet and I've had it
a few weeks.


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In answer to your first question, yes. In answer to your second, you may
need at least JAWS 12. They made some pretty significant changes to FF and
I'm not sure if anything earlier will work. Heck, I'm not even sure 12 will
work with Firefox 6, but I haven't heard very many complaints along those

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Dear Friends,

I have just installed Firefox 6 and I am using JAWS 11. I have 2 questions:

Can I import internet explorers favourites? and How do I use JAWS
keystrokes? presently, I am getting message "This feature is available
within a virtual document within internet" when I press Ins + f7 to use link
list on a website. Please help.

Ketan Kothari
Phone: [r] 24223281,
Cell: 9987550614
Skype ID: Ketan3333
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