Re: fillable pdf forms

Brad Martin

Do this first.

1. You didn't mention which browser you're using, but if it's coming up in a web browser, save the PDF by choosing Save As from the browser's file menu. (There should be something like Save As anyway.) Make sure you save the file where you can find it--desktop or documents or wherever.

2. Open the file you saved, rather than the HTTP location. If the form will allow saving, save whenever you want. If it won't, you'll get a warning that you will lose your entries and you should print the form once it is completed. That will depend, not on you, but on how your form was created to work.


On 12/11/2015 2:19 PM, Lauren Snyder wrote:



There is a court document online I need to complete because my life is a drama. To keep in tact the information I complete, how do I save it? When I leave for a few minutes and I come back, Jaws just says the http address and I have to start from the beginning.


Is there a way to save it as a Word file without losing the format? I downloaded Acrobat DC and have Jaws 17.







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