Re: All DoItBlind scripts now active for 30 day trials

John Martyn

you download the scripts they have an installer for your version of jaws. After you install the scripts and run the program it will come up with a dialog list and the 3rd option is the continue trial option that you hit enter on. This will activate your trial for 30 days.

On 12/11/2015 11:31 AM, Bobb Wiley wrote:
Hi John.
I went to the webpage you cited,, but didn't see anything about a thirty day

How does it work? If I wanted to check out the scripts for ITunes, for
example. How would I go about trying them out?

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Subject: All DoItBlind scripts now active for 30 day trials

30 days free. You can try the scripts for iTunes, rhapsody,
thunderbird, oneNote, and spotify. Jaws 15 and up. Coming soon, netflix
blind. Finally you can experience the craft of these masterminded
scripts in action. It took some work, but it works nicely. Try it today
for 30 days. Happy Holidays!
John Martyn

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