Re: Figuring out formulas in Excel 2013 with Windows 10 & Jaws 17

Soronel Haetir

I set up a sheet with:
A1: 2
A2: 2
A3: =A1+A2

When I then move onto a3 jaws says "4 has formula a3" "

And if I copy the cell (with ctrl+c) it copies the 4, not the formula.

On 12/11/15, Lauren Snyder <princessesrule@...> wrote:

Can someone tell me how to calculate formulas like sum in Excel 2013,
Jaws 17 & Windows 10? I used to with Excel 2013, Jaws 14 & Windows 8, go
to formulas tab and select insert function. I used to be able to tab
through to hear my choices. I don't hear that any more. By pressing on
enter or something I somehow got it to calculate, but now Jaws just says
the column & cell number and contains formula and doesn't tell me what
the answer is.

Please advise; thank you.



Soronel Haetir

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