Re: getting rid of clutter

Soronel Haetir

I never delete anything from gmail but do use the archive feature.
That way things don't show up on the main inbox page but I can still
refer to them later (admittedly a rare occurrence but it's nice for
those rare times I do want something).

To archive something just check the box on on the inbox page and then
the archive button.

If using the standard layout (rather than basic HTML which is what I
use) there is even a way to check every item on the page at once and
you can then archive them or whatever other action. But the standard
interface is something of a pain with jaws.

On 12/9/15, Ryan Coverdell <rmcover74@...> wrote:
Gmail works great with the Pac Mate Omni and my desktop Pc. But one
thing about it is that it stores message by conversation. That means
that for things like this list there might be a dozen or more messages
to sort through, and deleting them can be tedious. How can I delete an
entire conversation in my gmail account? Jaws 14 with windows 7 and or
pac mate bx series. I have some older messages from a couple of months
ago I have to tie up lose ends with, and in just the past week I
somehow got out of digest mode without my changing anything. I need to
get rid of as many conversations as I can in gmail as quickly as
possible. Thank you for your response. Could some one e-mail me off
list so I don't have to deal with sorting through conversations? Again
my question is, how do I delete conversations? Kind regards,
Ryan Coverdell

Soronel Haetir

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