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With left and right brakets also is possible speed up and down, and equal to normalize.   

El 09-Dec-15 a las 18:41, David Moore escribió:
I have not figured out a work around for the num pad plus and num pad minus. For now, just slowing down or speeding up the speech will have to be put on hold if you do not have a numpad. I use a laptop and have one. However, do you have a FN key? Sometimes, if you hold that down, you can press keys on the alpha numeric keyboard to simulate the num pad. Tell me what you can find out. Have a great one. That is all you need the numpad for is to slow or speed up the speech.
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Hi David,


On a laptop without a numpad, what keys would be used?


Thanks, Keith


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My name is David Moore, and I use VLC media player exclusively. It can play all files of audio, and stream video, and play DVDs and Blue Rays. VLC has many key commands that can be used to control what you are doing. Since VLC is open source, There are always add-ons coming out that can make VLC much more accessible each week. Just a few of the commands are holding down shift and pressing right and left arrow fast forwards or rewinds by a tiny amount. Holding down ctrl and doing the same thing, forwards and rewinds a bit more. Also, Ctrl + up and down arrow increases and decreases the volume. Num pad plus, speeds up the speech, and num pad minus slows down the speech. It is the best media player out there by far and the most versitile. It plays DVDs so well and it is so easy to play them with VLC. Please ask me any questions. Have a great one.



From: Bobb Wiley

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Uh, to give a little more info, vlc is an audio—I think it’s also a video—player similar to winamp or windows media player.

From: Jim L

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VLC is a open source media player




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Hello, Jim and all members of this list.  My name is Elise Berkley and I am new to the list.  Jim, or anyone, can you explain what VLC is?  I have never heard of this program, and I like to know everything – laugh, laugh!!  Thanks.


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