Re: sirius/xm, does it work with jaws?

mike mcglashon

Do you find that the serious XM app does not have a channel 4 weather channel button on the phone but that the computer is also missing the play pause and rewind button on the top of the player?

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On Dec 7, 2015, at 7:33 PM, Kane Brolin <kbrolin65@...> wrote:

On 12/6/15, Bobb Wiley <rwiley46@...> wrote:
... can I use seriusxm on my computer?
Bob, I reiterate what Michael says. Yes, you can. And there is a
mailing list devoted solely to accessibility issues with the various
SiriusXM players. It is located on Freelists, where this very JFW
list used to reside a few years ago. Visit and follow the
instructions to subscribe.

Having said this, I will tell you that mostly I use my iPhone to
listen to SiriusXM, since I usually am away from my Windows computer
when I do this. But that's simply a lifestyle choice. Many users
don't like the SiriusXM iOs app; but the company has improved its
accessibility tremendously in the past few months, and I find it much
easier than before to locate and navigate to a channel that I like and
to do these things quickly.

Feel free to write to me off-list as well if I may be of help.

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