Re: Windows 10, Jaws 17 & Outlook 2013 question

Lauren Snyder

Hi Les:


Will changing the default browser solve my problem of trying to open up a .pdf file in Outlook 2013 wit Jaws? Now, it doesn’t give me a choice and only opens up Edge.








From: Les Kriegler [mailto:kriegler@...]
Sent: Friday, December 4, 2015 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: Windows 10, Jaws 17 & Outlook 2013 question


Hi Lauren,


I’d suggest you change your default browser to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox depending on which one you wish to use.  To do this, hit your left windows key to bring up the search box.  Then type default browser and arrow to that choice and press enter.  Tab if necessary and you will find Edge which is likely your default web browser.  Hit the space barr on that button and you should get a choice of browsers to choose from.  Pick the browser you wish and press enter.  Once changed, Edge will not launch automatically.  It is likely you cannot uninstall Edge, but even if you could, I wouldn’t recommend that as at some point, Jaws will work with it and hopefully, it will be a better experience than Internet Exploder is.  Yes, I meant to say Exploder.




From: Lauren Snyder [mailto:princessesrule@...]
Sent: Friday, December 4, 2015 8:25 AM
Subject: Windows 10, Jaws 17 & Outlook 2013 question




When I try to open an attachment in Outlook 2013 using Jaws 17 and Windows 10, I right clicked and pressed enter on open and was hoping to get a choice of which program to open the file, but it automatically opens it in Microsoft Edge, rendering the file inaccessible to me. Should I uninstall Edge, will that effect Jaws or Windows OS or how to I get rid of it being the default program to open files in Outlook?


Please advise! Thank you.






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