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Hello All,
My friend is having problem trying to get her jaws to come on !! She was using her computer on yesterday jaws was working !! When she went on her computer she noticed jaws isn't saying anything at all!! I have try to help her to activate her jaws and still not getting jaws to come on at all!! She did the followed what I told her to do ,I told her press windo + m to the desktop then press letter jthen press enter so jaws didn't come back on ,then I told her to press window + r then type jaws7 press enter jaws still didn't come back on either Then I told her try to restart her computer to see if jaws will come back on then she did that and jaws still didn't come back on!! Does anybody know what other option how can I get my friend jaws to be activate to come back on? Is there any suggestion you can give me ? I will appreciate any answer back!! She is using jaws 7,desktop computer with window xp home edition . I told her if we can't get jaws to work then we will have to call FS technical support on monday morning.

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