Re: re is this a jaws related problem? re my pc?


re the jaws turning it self off
it can happen at any time and on any application.
as for the task switching it never use to do this.
i could just go to desk top on the pc starting
and it would stay there.
from stew
from the ross meister

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Subject: Re: re is this a jaws related problem? re my pc?

Welcome, Stewart.


I get the same “”task switching” message when Win7 reboots. Usually, if I press alt-tab to switch between windows, I land on the desktop. More often, I have an application in mind, such as my email client, browser or word processor, and I press the shortcut I’ve created to open it.


JAWS switching itself off is a separate issue, and I think listers need to know more about when you’ve observed it happen. Is it in a particular application? Does it happen in one browser but not another? Does it happen after your PC has been running a certain time?


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Subject: re is this a jaws related problem? re my pc?


hi all i am new to this list so i thought i would jump in and ask a question

i am running windows 7 and jaws 14

wenever i start my pc it doesn't go straight to the desktop,

it starts to say task switching.

so i have to press the left hand windows key and then do windows m to get to the desk top.

is there anyway i can alter this so wen i start the pc it goes to the desktop? as it keeps saying lost fucus, wen there is nothing open.

thanks alot.

oh and some times for no reason at all my jaws just turns itself off for no reason. any ideas.

from stewart ross


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