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John Martyn

I can look at google chrome. Hopefully it is the same.

On 12/3/2015 2:37 PM, Bobb Wiley wrote:
I agree,, firefox has been very problematic for me too.

Would it be possible to make the netflicck scripts generic, as the jaws
scripts are?


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While I completely understand and support not using IE for Netflix, would
you consider doing anything with regard to google chrome? Reason I ask is
because Firefox has been problematic for me, spamy, and has been a source of
vulnerabilities for myself as well as other computers I work with. Looking
forward to your demo!!!

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I have reached a point after nearly 50 hours of coding that it is time for
an audio demo to show off the scripts. So far, there are two types of
navigation and control over the media player in firefox. I have dropped
support for Internet explorer in favor of firefox. It just does more in the
media player. The navigation is very simple and it is great for those with
cognitive disabilities or motor function problems. The keys are close
together and menu navigation is simple.
Navigation type 1:
You can press control Slash one time and hit enter to show the top level
objects on the page and then select them. Press it twice and hit enter, it
shows the second level navigation options for first letter navigation. This
is to increase efficiency and speed as well as skip the nonsense and focus
on what you want. This method of navigation is fast.
Navigation method 2. Press Control shift slash and a menu appears listing
the important sections of netflix on the page. You can arrow or first letter
navigate to it, then press the right arrow to view the children of that
particular section. Hit enter and it activates it.
Press left arrow and it returns you to the previous menu so you can continue
to navigate down the list and preview things before you select them. Once
the first search is done, it is fast navigating through the menus. Each time
you press the shortcut, it takes about 5 seconds to populate the list and
get the approate titles. I am working on increasing the speed, but it is
very hard when there is over 2000 objects on the page at a time.
The media player allows you to use the High Definition, move to beginning,
end, play pause, skip to next episode and back, change volume and seek time.
It allows for you to move back from this page and control fullscreen. Still
working on the uadio and subtitles portion as it is very different from
internet explorer.
I'll record a demo tonight and show you how this is really neat.
John Martyn

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