Re: JAWS friendly Guitar Tablature program?

George Calvert <gcalvert@...>

On 12/3/15, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. <kramlinger.keith@...> wrote:

I've heard there is a guitar tablature program that was designed to be
accessible by JAWS. It even may have been mentioned on this list.

Does anyone know about this? Where to get it? How well it works. Does one
need special guitar tab formatting, or can any tab in PDF format be used?

Thanks in advance, Keith

Hi Keith,

I'm the developer of the guitar tab reader script for JAWS. You can
download it for free at There
you'll find instructions on how to install the files and run the

This is still a work in progress. I wrote it to allow me to return to
playing guitar after losing my vision in 2012. I've found it works
pretty well as long as the tab follows standard tablature conventions.
Let me know your experience and how I might make it better.

George Calvert
Author of "Getting Back to Work With JAWS"

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