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Do you mean programs like endnote?
I have at times used msword 2007 to do citations and get references right
but I haven't played with it enough to get it to work. Endnote is apparently
very good but I haven't tried it out for its accessibility capabilities, but
if anyone else has I'd love to hear a verdict. I found it tricky to get APA
to work with MSWord 2007/10 but I know it potentially does, so it was more
likely I was being daft, and I decided it would just be quicker to use my
own brain.
I just do it all from my head and I have never had any formatting problems
with it. I don't think it's valid to say "I can't do it because I'm blind"
but I do think it's valid to say "it's more difficult because I'm blind".
That doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

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Hi Chris,

I am a social work major hoping to help people with disabilities (not just
blindness) cope with their loss and learn skills that would make them
happier and live independently. I am not trying to get out of doing the
work, but the work load is so drastic right now with papers being tossed at
me from everywhere, and I thought that having a piece of software that will
help build the reference page would help me out. I worked on the reference
page of a paper for 3 1/2 hours the other night. That is why when this guy
told me about a citation manager, I was kind of excited, yet fearful,
because we all know about cool sounding software that is not very JAWS
friendly. Thanks anyway.


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Hi Alicia. What are you taking? just curious.
Anyway, I wish I had some useful info for you. A program that
automates the citing process would be handy. Hopefully someone else
will speak up here.

Maybe K1000, Openbook and the other OCR program manufacturers could
build a feature that generated most of the citation and
bibliographic info automatically.


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