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Adrian Spratt

Brad, thanks for posting this warning. Among the other headlines listed on this two-webpage article is one contending that Win10 is designed to block Firefox and Chrome. As I understand it, Win10 does not automatically support IE, which MS is phasing out. meanwhile, JAWS does not yet support the new browser, Edge. Maybe not quite Catch-22, but close.

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I just read this article, which admittedly is a month old. Many of you
running JAWS versions older than the latest 16 may need to know about
this. In short, in early 2016, if you have Windows set to download
recommended updates, one day you'll find yourself starting down the
Windows 10 upgrade path, and it will start happening every time there
are recommended updates. Full article at

Maybe it's just me, but it might be time for us to tell Microsoft just
how much they'll be "helping" us by breaking our assistive technology.
Most people won't know how to prevent it, and I know I won't have time
to bother with this mess across all my workstations (with and without
JAWS) in the middle of tax season.

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