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Drew Hunthausen

Citations have always been a pain for me whether
It's a work sited page for MLA or a bibliography for APA. What I've done in
the past is have someone help me format the page after I have all my
references in place. It does take some time, as it has to be formatted. My
college recently updated there library database and it is very extensive.
The searching is not all that hard with jaws, but they have a feature called
citation linker which formats the citation for the reference in whatever
format you choose. You can then copy and paste it into a word document. I
had a little help with this as it is not completely accessible, but it is
much less time consuming. By the way I go to California State Long Beach
University, but other colleges probably have similar tools. Hope this helps

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I do everything but the spacing in the Works Cited page in MLA format.
I've never really had anyone describe all the rules in an easy to understand

format, and looking in my MLA book for the difference between formatting a
webpage that has an article from a webpage that just contains information
just takes way too many hours. My teacher helped me format my first paper by

hand and she stopped after the 7th reference, we had already spent around 5
hours going over the rule book.
It's possible, but impractical to do MLA formatting by hand...

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Brandon, there is nothing stopping you correctly formatting your footnotes
or endnotes, bibliography etc. I hope you're not getting out of doing

I went to school with a guy who would read his papers on tape because, he
claimed, he could not format them correctly. I had one of his proffs the
next year, and he was astonished my papers looked just fine, like everyone
else's. I had to kinda repair some damage there.

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