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Hi Barbara,

Try the following, if you're wanting this for IE:
1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Open the tools menu with alt t, type the letter, O, to open the options
dialog, & shift + tab one time.
3. Right arrow until you get to privacy.
4. Tab until you get to a button that says advanced settings, & press the
space bar to open.
5. You are now in a new dialog. Check the check box that says override
automatic cookie handling if it isn't already checked. Use the space bar
to check it.
6. Now, start tabbing & you will come to a field with radio buttons, If
allow isn't the radio button
that is selected, up arrow until that radio button is checked.
7. Tab once to another series of radio buttons. This series controls third
party cookies. Up or down arrow until block is checked. Third party
cookies are almost always tracking cookies.
8. Tab once more and, if the check box that says, Always allow session
cookies is
not checked, check it with the space bar.
9. Tab to the ok button and press the space bar, & follow the prompts.
Answer yes if asked if you are sure, if you are placed in another dialog,
tab until you find another ok button and activate it.

Take care.

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Hi all,

Recently, I have not been able to get on facebook. The computer says that
"cookies" are not enabled. I googled for instructions on how to enable
"cookies", however; some of the video was explaining to "click" on symbols,
which I was not able to determine what they meant. I did go under internet
options, and tried checking some things, but still cookies are not enabled.

Any instructions for jaws users would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Hansen

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